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Geert Bossuyt  

Geert is a high profile Investment & Corporate Banker with a broad background ranging from asset & portfolio management to corporate finance, private equity, derivatives and Islamic finance. Throughout his career, Geert has a recurring history of successfully building franchises and business functions delivering results rapidly. He is a leading and highly regarded expert in the field of Islamic finance who speaks regularly at conferences and is often quoted on the most complex subject matters within Islamic finance related press releases and publications. Most recently Geert was on the MEED List for GCC Islamic Banking as one of “six key individuals shaping Shari’a compliant lending in the region”.

Geert has served Deutsche Bank AG Dubai in the capacity of senior Managing Director, Global Head of Islamic Business and also the Regional Head of Structuring for MENA (conventional and Islamic). While in Dubai (2006-2009), Geert built a team of Islamic bankers covering all asset classes (assets and liabilities) and capital markets activities. As part of his role as Global Head of Islamic Finance Geert was involved in bringing to the market numerous first-of-its-kind solutions for Islamic institutional clients and treasuries providing solutions for their ALM and treasury needs as well as their hedging requirements. Geert was instrumental in bringing to the market the first ever Islamic Issuance platform with a view to facilitate Islamic liquidity for Islamic financial institutions as well as to help provide a more standardized suite of investment products to the Islamic finance space. Geert has vast experience in structuring innovative solutions for Shari’a compliant derivatives, investment products and Islamic hedging solutions tailored for the specific and continuously changing needs of clientele.

Geert originally joined Deutsche Bank AG London in August 2001 and was responsible for Internal Sales for Structured & Investment Products. In July 2003, Geert joined the Retail Structuring Group where he was co-Head of the Fund Team and also responsible for all new business activities, including the development of Islamic finance initiatives of Deutsche Bank. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Geert worked with KBC Securities (the investment banking arm of KBC Bank) where he held various positions in different countries, including the role of co-Head of the KBC ECM business from January 1999 to May 2001. In addition to that, Geert was the CEO of KBC Securities Netherlands next to taking direct responsibility for their corporate finance business and market room. Geert also spent about a year in Hungary as co-CEO of K&H Securities. Geert started his career at CERA bank in 1993 where he held various positions within the Treasury department. At that time, Geert also set up with some partners his own private equity firm called Equinox Investments.

Geert holds a Masters in Accounting and Finance from the School of Public and Business Administration, City of Brussels, a Bachelors of Actuary and Bachelors of Quantitative Financial Engineering from the University of Leuven.



Asim Khan is a Chartered Accountant with more than 16 years’ experience in financial services (including conventional and Islamic financial institutions) and the oil & gas industries across the Asian sub-continent, Middle East and Europe, while working with top tier organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and Deutsche Bank.

Asim specializes in developing and monitoring Islamic financial products and has structured various Islamic finance transactions (including Sukuk and Shari’a compliant structured notes); developed various Shari'a compliant investment funds (including Sukuk funds, hedge funds, long-short equity funds, etc.); established monitoring processes for on-going Shari’a compliance for various Islamic products (including that of Islamic indices, Shari’a compliant investment banking products, private equity and infrastructure funds); converted various conventional products into Shari’a compliant products and advised on purification strategies for non-Shari'a compliant income.

Asim has also been involved in developing a suite of retail banking products (including Shari’a compliant mortgage products, overdraft facilities, credit cards and various types of Islamic deposit schemes) for major financial institutions in the GCC. Asim also leads operational review engagements for Shari’a compliance, both at corporate as well as individual product level and has devised procedures that were implemented by client management to mitigate risks for non-Shari’a compliance.

Over the last year, Asim has lead the team in Shari’a structuring, legal documentation reviews and Shari’a sign-offs for various Islamic finance transactions including a USD 2.2 billion Sukuk Al Ijara program (as part of re-structuring of a major real estate developer in the GCC), a USD 2 billion Sukuk Al Murabaha program (for a major international investment bank) and set up of a long-short equity fund platform in Luxembourg (for a UK based finance house). Currently, among other projects, he is involved in a Sukuk for a major international investment bank and setting up of an Islamic issuance platform.

Asim has, for many years now, worked with world renowned Shari’a scholars from the Europe, Middle East and Far East and has coordinated the Shari’a process for various clients to facilitate the Shari’a scholars review and sign-off. Over the years, Asim has developed a vast network of connections with financial institutions and high net worth individuals (predominantly in the GCC) and using his relationships, he has also helped his clients in raising Islamic Finance for their projects and with the placement of Islamic financial instruments. Asim has also presented, and continues to present, on various topics of Islamic finance on renowned platforms, professional & academic forums and media (including television in the UK and Europe).


Saud Siddiqui

Saud is a qualified accountant with over ten years of experience in the financial services industry (both conventional and Islamic). Saud has a strong consulting and advising background  with a diversified skill set (including Sarbanes Oxley compliance reviews and System Development, Implementation, Integration reviews, creation & restructuring of business departments, vendor management reviews, and IT infrastructure reviews), having worked with one of the key big4 accounting firms and one of the world’s leading insurance companies. Saud is also a qualified internal and IT auditor accredited by international professional bodies.

Saud specializes in Shari’a consulting and structuring engagements and has advised on the development of various Shari’a compliant funds and Islamic issuance platforms and also manages Shari’a monitoring and Shari’a audit engagements. Saud advises on Shari'a screening procedures, purification strategies and Shari’a related IT systems development for his clients. Saud also specializes in assurance engagements.

Saud works closely with world renowned Islamic scholars and facilitates the development, review and sign-off of Fatwa documents for the Shari’a compliance of products by Islamic scholars. Further, Saud has been actively involved in presentations on Islamic finance and has lead various debates and discussion on Islam, Islamic Finance and Islamic Micro Finance.

Saud’s assurance and consulting experience, complemented by his Shari'a knowledge, provides him with a unique edge to offer practical and operationally effective solutions and advice on Shari'a structuring, audits and compliance.


Shabnam Mohammad

Shabnam is a Senior Investment Banker with over twelve years of experience across a diverse range of finance roles. Most recently, she was a Vice President within the Global Markets division at Deutsche Bank. As a Senior Structurer Shabnam provided structuring expertise for Shari’a compliant and conventional structured transactions across all asset classes (both asset and liability) as well as private equity. These transactions included capital market products, private equity funds, debt financing, derivatives and structured products and the provision of complete cross-border solutions following detailed analysis of all aspects of each transaction including economic, credit, legal, tax and regulatory considerations.

During her time at Deutsche Bank Shabnam was involved in the structuring and implementation of the first ever Islamic Issuance Platform, the first (pre-Tahawwut agreement) Master Profit Rate Swap Agreement, Master Repo, Islamic Credit Default Swap, and numerous other hedging and risk management products for Islamic financial institutions, corporates and private equity firms. Shabnam works closely with world renowned scholars to develop all these products.

Shabnam initially joined Deutsche Bank London in 2004 as a Corporate Strategy Specialist working for the Group Chief Operating Officer where she was introducing measures to maximise the Group’s performance by evaluating its strategic market positioning and cost efficiency. In 2006 she joined the Quantitative Products Engineering team within the Global Equity Derivatives division where she was providing solutions for the pricing and hedging of equity and hybrid derivative products. Shabnam’s previous experience includes working as Head of Finance & MIS for the Government of Canada’s Internal Trade Secretariat based in Canada.

Shabnam joined the team in 2010 and has been responsible for the development of our Islamic issuance platform which is an innovative securitization vehicle that follows the precepts of Shari’a law whilst at the same time providing a means to efficiently and systematically offer securitized Shari’a compliant assets for client investment as well as liquidity management. Shabnam has been in discussions with various central banks to promote the platform and its widespread use in order to try and mitigate this major bottleneck to the Islamic finance industry. She has also been working to develop a structure for an Islamic repo which is expected to be widely acceptable to the majority of Islamic counterparties and will help facilitate the establishment of an active and easily accessible Shari’a compliant repo market.

Shabnam holds an MBA from Henley Management College, UK. She is also qualified as an Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in the UK, and holds a Bachelor of Science Joint Honours degree in Mathematics & Physics from University College London, the University of London, UK.

Zahid Ali


Zahid is a senior consultant with over ten years of experience in managing financial, information technology and accounting information systems projects. He has previously worked with international investment banks and renowned organisations such as JP Morgan Chase.

In recent years, Zahid has been significantly involved in the development of Islamic funds, Islamic indices and Shari’a Compliant ETFs along with advising on setting up and over seeing the on-going Shari’a monitoring of various Islamic investment banking products and facilitating reviews  of those products and their sign-offs from the relevant Shari’a Scholars.

Zahid also advises on Shari’a purification strategies and on procedures for management to implement in order to comply with the on-going Shari’a compliance of their respective Islamic products. He has presented and continues to present at various conferences and known forums on Islamic finance. Zahid has also been involved in the Shari’a compliance reviews of Islamic products and has actively participated in the reviews of complicated IT systems to test the implementation of the Islamic structures.

Zahid’s in-depth knowledge of Islamic finance and project management experience create a unique combination enabling him to produce timely and quality deliverables whilst working at the highest level of professional standards. Zahid is a Masters in Computer Systems Auditing and holds various professional Information Technology (including Microsoft and CISCO) certifications.